The Cthulhoid Tupilak - weird clamp not included

Cthulhu Tupilak Idol

In the 1870s, Professor Webb recovered this unholy fetish from a band of devil-worshipping Esquimaux in an incident which cost him his eye. This Cthulhoid tupilak (a Greenlandic figurine depicting mythical creatures) is a replica of the prop used in the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu.

The Cthulhu tupilak was sculpted by Chris Lackey for the movie. Each piece is cast in polyeurethane resin and hand-finished to resemble aged walrus tusk ivory. Collectors have acquired the tupilak as an unusual piece of Lovecraftian art, some have put it to use in magick rituals and others have noted its shape is suited for personal activities best left to your imagination.

Real Feedback from Real Customers

Jeff in Toledo says:
I was astounded. I must say that the photo on the order page does not in any way do this item justice. The carving is fantastic, the weight is about right and I almost believe I caught the slight sent of bone! The XXXXXX were a great surprise!! Very cool. Very Very Cool. The tulipak has now taken its place as the centre piece of my Mythos Artifact collection, a collection that might be considered modest by some...but one that contains only the best I could find. As far as I can say, this is the best of the lot!

Dave in Pennsylvania says:
I received the Tupilak today. It is absolutely amazing! awesome work! it will go great with my collection of artifacts!

Gavin in Minnesota says:
I received my Tupilak and DVD on Friday.  They both are great.  The XXXXXX was a nice touch that I wasn’t expecting.

Aaron in Masschusetts says:
Mine arrived this weekend, and its fantastic. The XXXXXX is a great touch. Not sure when or how, but it will definately be appearing as a game prop in the future.

Height: 15.25" - 38.7cm
Diameter: 1.75" - 4.4cm
Weight: 16oz. - 453g

Price $75.00


But wait, there's more:

Julie in California says:
I got the tupilak - wow, it is amazing. Pictures do not do it justice.Not only does it look and feel like an authentic carved walrus tusk, it looks and feels like an authentic carving representing a hideous
malign lurking Evil. Wonderful! The XXXXX were very nice touches as well.

Karl says:
I received the tupilak this weekend - it is awesome. The authentic packaging was an incredible touch to an outstanding piece of art! Thank you so much for offering this incredible piece.

Harold says:
The tupilak is amazingly realistic, and fits in nicely with my artifact collection and my taxidermy pieces.

Fabio says:
This is AWESOME. I still can't believe your love for detail even in the packaging and the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!! I was so amazed that I was very carefull trying to open it and now I want to keep it inside the Museum box :D