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Tentacle Glass Pub Set

If you're having company over or if it's your turn to host the Esoteric Order of Dagon meeting, you'll want to be prepared. Why not wow your friends with our set of four of our New and Improved tentacle glasses? They are strange, delightful and pleasantly watertight. Plus, our Pub Pack saves you money!

The tentacle glass holds 16oz. (a bit less than a half litre for you metric types) of your favorite liquid. We find it useful for storing excess Mi-Go Cylinder Brain Suspension Fluid - but that's just us. They are satin etched and dishwasher safe.



Allan in Vancouver says:
Just received the pub glasses today. They are spectacular! The best part is they are even more Lovecraftianly creepy when they are full, so they discouraged us from ever letting our glasses get empty--cosmically brilliant!