Above: McKerrin "I'm Wearing ElderWear" Kelly frolicks in the Special Edition 20th Anniversary MU shirt
Below: Andra "Asenath" Carlson (wearing men's cut shirt)

Miskatonic T-shirt Special Edition

Show off your eldritch education with the HPLHS Miskatonic University t-shirt. The great seal of Miskatonic University rendered in Latin: black lettering silk-screened on a gray t-shirt (see photo below left).

Silk screened by specially trained shoggoths onto 100% cotton shirt, made by American Apparel in sweat-shop free conditions in sunny Los Angeles. Click here for sizing chart.

Now Available: 20th Anniversary HPLHS Special Edition Miskatonic U. shirt. Same great design, rendered with white artwork on a basic black shirt (see image top left). Pick your size and style below.