The MUM-E-Duster


After participating in the incident known as the Dunwich Horror, Dr. Francis Morgan left Miskatonic and entered the private sector. His new line of business was the creation of devices for spraying of mummy dust and other occult powders. We're very pleased to offer the discerning Lovecraftian collector Dr. Morgan's own MUM-E-Duster (Morgan's Universal Manifestor). Click here to enlarge artwork.

Our mummy dusters are made from real antique sprayers, carefully cleaned up and re-branded. Each piece is unique, made from a sprayer that's typically 30-70 years old. The MUM-E-Duster comes with a starter can of our Necropolitan Blend Mummy Dust, but we also have Inca Momia, Powder of Ibn Ghazi and Vinum Sabbati available for your occult dusting needs. Or get them all in our convenient Mummy Dust Combo!


Mum-E-Dust products are a novelty item produced by the HPLHS. No items of cultural or historic significance go into the creation of this product. While not inherently dangerous, Mum-E-Dust is not intended for human or animal consumption and ought not be sprayed on open flames. HPLHS cannot be held responsible for supernatural manifestations arising from use of this product. Because the MUM-E-Duster is made from genuine antique sprayers, its efficacy as an actually spraying device cannot be guaranteed. However, we do guarantee that you'll have the coolest looking mummy dust spraying device available.