Above: Sean "Monster of the Deep" Branney.
Below: Artwork detail.
The hood is excellent for hiding one's gill slits.

Esoteric Order of Dagon Hoodie

Stave off the sea breeze with our new Esoteric Order of Dagon Hoodie. This stylish cultist garment is emblazoned with the E.O.D. logo on the back (Pelagic Knights of Y'ha-Nthlei), and the front features the text "E.O.D. - Innsmouth Chapter". It's warm, comfy and fully sanctioned by the Esoteric Order of Dagon worldwide.

Our E.O.D. cultist's hoodie is a pull-over black sweatshirt with the logos in white ink. Our sweatshirts are silkscreened in-house by our specially trained shoggoth on 100% cotton shirts made in sweat-shop free conditions by American Apparel here in sunny Los Angeles. Click here for sizing chart.

Now available: the EOD Cultist Jacket.



Frank in Alabama says, "I just got my E.O.D. hoodie, and wanted to say how pleased I am with the product. You guys come up with the best nerd-swag! I don't even like sweatshirts normally, but this thing's just so damn stylish and comfortable, and lightly kissed with the comforting scent of the sea. Kudos, Iä!, etc."