A Shoggoth on the Roof Cast Album

There are some things man was not meant to adapt to musical theatre.

The HPLHS Shoggoth on the Roof Cast Album has been whispered of in dark alleys off Off-Broadway. Lawyers have bent paper clips into strange shapes at the very mention of its name. The CD features an ensemble of professional singers (and a few zombies) singing eleven tentacle tapping musical numbers in a grand and fully-orchestrated production.

Huh? You can read the full story here, but in brief, the stories of HP Lovecraft collide with the cherished Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. The result is an improbable, delightful and disturbing full-length Broadway-style musical featuring Lovecraftian horrors set to familiar tunes. For nearly 30 years, theatre companies have met their doom in attempting to stage this strange and terrible tale of love, family and tentacles. Here, for your enjoyment is a recording of all the numbers from the show.

The CD is, well, you know, just a normal CD, but features a fold out booklet with strange and terrible facts about the show. It features 11 songs and 41 minutes of music.

Price $15.00


Listen to FREE MP3 Samples!

Tentacles (1Mb)
Arkham Dunwich (1Mb)
Byakhee Byakhee (632k)
Shoggoth Prayer(1Mb)
To Life (1Mb)
The NIghtmare (708k)
Victim of Victims (880k)
Very Far From the Home I Love (920k)

Do You Fear Me (712k)
Miskatonic (964k)
Not enought for you? We also offer our wonderous Shoggoth on the Roof Combo which features the CD, the libretto (full script to the show) and a free DVD of the ASOTR documentary featuring Chris Sarandon and Stuart Gordon which investigates the failed 1979 Other Gods Theatre production of the show.

You can also order the libretto to A Shoggoth on the Roof here.