A young man's travels in search of antiquarian architecture and his own family history brings him to the ill-regarded Massachusetts town of Innsmouth. There he uncovers horrors beyond his worst imaginings, barely escaping with his life and sanity.

Lovecraft wrote the story in 1931 after a visit to Newburyport and the surrounding region. Long considered one of Lovecraft's most popular tales, the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre edition brings it to life in all its monstrous and malodorous glory. This old-time radio adaptation features a cast of more than a dozen professional actors, exciting sound effects and a thrilling original musical score by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for The Call of Cthulhu). Sit down, dim the lights, fire up the wireless and enjoy 77 minutes of exciting Lovecraftian drama, suspense and cosmic horror.

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To enhance your listening pleasure, the HPLHS has packed the jewel case for The Shadow Over Innsmouth with carefully created props from the story. You'll have

  • A hand-drawn map of Innsmouth on a piece of wrapping paper from the First National grocery chain. And the strange stain on the page really is scratch-n-sniff. Ew.
  • A matchbook from Innsmouth's famed Gilman House Hotel
  • A souvenir postcard from the Newburyport Historical Society, featurning the strange golden tiara of the Deep Ones (illustration by noted fantasy artist Keith Thompson)
  • A page from the New York Evening Graphic recounting the government's raid on Innsmouth

1. Opening 1:59
2. Innsmouth 27:03
3. Zadok Allen 19:31
4. The Escape 17:18
5. Legacy 10:01
6. Closing 1:09
TRT 77:01

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Some Dark Adventure Radio Theatre fans have asked if we'd make the scripts available so people can read along. So here, for your enjoyment, is a free PDF download of the final recording script of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The performance of the script turned out to be longer than can fit on a CD, so you will see portions of the script in strikeout which were deleted from the final CD. Note: this script is a readalong companion to Dark Adventure Radio Theatre. This script may not be performed without the written consent of HPLHS, Inc.

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Leslie Baldwin
... Operator
Sean Branney
... Station Agent, Creepy Customer
Kacey Camp
... Anna Tilton
Mark Colson
... Gilman House Clerk, Rude Passenger
Dan Conroy
... Agent McGraw
Steve Coombs
... Grocery Store Clerk
Matt Foyer
... Robert Olmstead
McKerrin Kelly
... Librarian
Andrew Leman
... Nathan Reed, Joe Sargent, Uncle Walter
Barry Lynch
... Zadok Allen
John A. McKenna
... E. Lapham Peabody, Evil-Looking Man
Josh Thoemke
... Announcer
Noah Wagner
Chester Langfield
Josh Thoemke
... Announcer
John Callaghan, David G Cercone II, Reber Clark, Kevin Dole, Nick Pendleton
... Croaking Deep Ones

Based on the story by H. P. Lovecraft
Radio adaptation by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman
Original music by Troy Sterling Nies
Audio engineering by Chris Horvath
Cover and disc illustrations by Darrell Tutchton
Bonus props by Andrew Leman and Sean Branney
Innsmouth Tiara illustration by Keith Thompson
Thanks to David Pavao, John Holman and S. T. Joshi
Produced by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman

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