Luck of the Keeper
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A person who produces a game of Cthulhu Lives. Usually this involves writing the plot, making or acquiring suitable props and artifacts, securing safe and appropriate locations for playing, enlisting NPC players and coaching them, and running the actual game play. Takes responsibility for game safety, and has authority to adjudicate any game dispute. Keepers often play one or more NPC roles in the game themselves. TOP


A real live human being who is playing in the game. Players adopt characters for the duration of the game. Some players know in advance what's supposed to happen in the game: they are NPCs. Some players do not know what is supposed to happen next: they are the Investigators. TOP


A character in the story played by someone with no advance knowledge of what is to happen. They drive the story forward through the choices that they make and their reactions to the situations in which they find themselves. They combine elements of protagonist and audience. The Keeper and the NPCs do everything they can to maximize the story's impact on the Investigators. The best games have involved from 3 to 6 Investigators. TOP

NPC (Non-Player Character)

A character in the story who is not one of the Investigators. Can be anything from incidental background figure to the main villain of the story. Works with the Keeper to tell the story and keep the action moving forward. Played by a person with advance knowledge of the game's plot and desired outcome. NPCs are responsible for playing their parts in accordance with the plans of the Keeper and helping to steer things along in the desired direction. NPCs who try to take the game into their own hands are not invited to play again. TOP


A player who dresses entirely in black and is considered to be "aesthetically invisible." The term is borrowed from Japanese Kabuki theatre. Kokens can serve as "stage hands" in the creation of simulated supernatural effects, operate puppet monsters, can stand by to watch out for the safety of participants, or assist or observe in other ways. The Investigators are supposed to ignore the presence of Kokens, although they may take notice of what Kokens do. For example, if a Koken lifts a book off the table, an Investigator may notice that the book is "floating," but ignores what's making it float. TOP


A discrete unit of game-playing action during which players remain continuously in character, usually defined by a location, activity, or time period. A typical game consists of five or six scenarios spread out over the course of two or three days. TOP


Things we do not use. TOP


The serendipitous way things tend to work out just when it looks like they're on the verge of complete collapse. Also, the way real life offers bizarre coincidences that make you think that the Great Old Ones really are contemplating a return. TOP


An oft-maligned restaurant chain which has served onion rings and chocolate milkshakes to quite a number of very strange groups of people. TOP