We are honored that The Call of Cthulhu has won prizes or was an Official Selection at the following film festivals (now listed chronologically):

Rio di Janiero, Brazil - April 29-May 11, 2008

We get our first screening in Brazil at this fantasy genre film festival. Let us know what happens there.

Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival
Athens, Greece - some time around early April 2008

Our Greek premiere. It started out as a retrospective of Greek genre Short Films, but it quickly evolved into a truly international event, always in the SFF-rated land of moving images, because:“Science Fiction & Fantasy is where imagination doesn’t just play the game -it makes the rules. “.

Cinequest Film Fesival 18
San Jose, California - February 27 - March 9, 2008

WINNER: Online Viewers' Voice Award

Call of Cthulhu was a winner of the Cinequest online Viewer's Choice Awards. As such, it's part of this year's lineup at the festival in San Jose.

Fargo Film Festival
Fargo, North Dakota, March 4-8, 2008

Our team North Dakotan, Troy Sterling Nies, used his influence to land us a slot in this year's Fargo festival. He'll be on hand.

Science + Fiction Film Festival
Trieste, Italy -November 12-18, 2007

Trieste International Science Fiction Festival - is a multidisciplinary event devoted to exploring the realms of the fantastic, experimental languages and new technologies in cinema, television and visual arts productions. But we didn't go so we don't know for sure.

Hartford International Film Festival
Hartford, Connecticut - November 8-11, 2007

CoC screened in New England again.

Awarded Summer
Berlin, Germany -November 12-18, 2007

An outdoor festival at interesting locations throughout Berlin.

Santiago Rojo Sangre
Santiago, Chile - June 1-4, 2007

Call of Cthulhu will have its second South American screening at this great horror film festival in Santiago.

Dickinson State University Filmmakers' Film Festival
Dickinson, North Dakota - April 28, 2007

Composer Troy Sterling Nies was on-hand for the screening, talking about the strange and terrible process of trying to create music for this film. Troy said:

The screening had about 50 people during the CoC screening, less during the other shows.  There were some good questions after the show.  I gave the DSU Filmmakers Club a soundtrack and DVD for the door prizes.  The setup was VERY nice compelte with red sequine vests and bowties, floor strip-lighting, soda fountain and a popcorn maker.  In fact, the popcorn maker set off the fire alarm in the brand new student union and everyone had to evacuate – there was other functions going on in other parts of the union so there was a large congregation out in the parking lot.

Festival "Mauvais Genre"
Tours, France - April 5-7, 2007

An international festival of genre films.

International Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Canary Islands, Spain - March 16-24, 2007

Call of Cthulhu will be screened as a part of their "Freakiest Night" programming. It seems a very appropriate film to screen on an island. Andrés says, "the screening was succesful, 3 halls full of people. it's been fantastic."

Pulp Uncovered Film Festival
Brown University, Providence, RI - March 15-18, 2007

Brown celebrates the pulps with exhibitions and a film festival. Cthulhu's coming back to Providence! Screenings at the Cable Car Cinema and RISD auditorium.

Avignon/New York Film Festival
New York, NY - Nov. 15-19, 2006

A sister-festival to the one above, Jerry Rudes and friends host this event at Hunter College in Manhattan. Andrew Leman will be there in person.

Ankara, Turkey - November 24-26, 2006

Our friends in Turkey told us, "We would like to thank you for your great film The Call of Cthulhu. Audience and we loved your film, thanks for sharing with Ankara Turkey".

Baytowne Film Festival
Sandestin, Florida - Nov. 10-12, 2006

No details back on this one yet.

WT Os International Film Festival
Os, Norway - November 9-12, 2006

No details back from Norway yet.

20th Leeds International Film Festival
Leeds, UK - November 2-12, 2006

The LIFF is a member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation (as is the Fantastisk Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival)

Andrew from Leeds wrote to say, "Saw the movie at the Leeds International Film festival and loved it. I found myself grinning from ear to ear with enjoyment. I really wish there were more HPL stories done to this quality."

Mass Bay Film Project & Festival
Worcester, Massachusetts - November 3-13, 2006

No details on this one.

Macabro: Horror in Film and Video Festival
Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Mexico - October 13-31, 2006

Our friends tell us that the film received an ovation at its first screening in Mexico City.

Icon 2006 Film Festival
Tel Aviv, Israel - October 9-13, 2006

This was the Middle Eastern premiere of the film. If you saw it there, let us know how it went.

Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
Lausanne, Switzerland - October 11-15, 2006

Call of Cthulhu had its Swiss premiere here. Our French isn't good enough to tell you much more than that.

Sitges Film Festival
Sitges, Catalonia, Spain - October 6-16, 2006

Sitges is one of Europe's premiere events for fantastic film. Sean Branney was there at the Prado Casino for a sold-out 1 a.m. screening. The Spanish Lovecraft fans were clearly out in force and they enthusiastically embraced the film (with one crazed fan shouting "Iä, Iä" from the balcony).

Javier says, "Thanks! I see you in Sitges. Thanks! Thanks you! Please make more films! OBRA MAESTRA!! Note: Sorry, my English is poor"

Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival
Providence RI, October 5-8, 2006

This festival is run by the same fine folks presenting the RIIFF (above) in Providence. Rumors of an enthusiastic screening abound.

Eerie Horror Festival
Erie, Pennsylvania - October 4-8, 2006

WINNER: Best Feature

We were very surprised to win this honor. We learned from a filmmaker in Australia that we were a selection of the festival and then learned through him that we won the award for Best Feature Film. The festival tells us that The Call of Cthulhu is the shortest film ever to win the Best Feature award.

Le Giornate del Cinema Muto
Sacile, Italy - Oct. 7-14. 1, 2006

The 25th Annual Silent Film Festival took place in Sacile, Italy. Scholars and enthusiasts of silent film from across the world gathered there. Sean was there too for the unspoken fun. Call of Cthulhu screened along with some other contemporary "vintage" films.

Dubrovnik Film Festival
Dubrovnik, Croatia - October 4-8, 2006

No word back yet from our operatives in Croatia on how this one went.

Idaho International Film Festival
Boise, Idaho - Sept. 28 - Oct. 1, 2006

Our Director of Photography, David Robertson was there in person soaking up the Idaho hospitality.

Melissa in Boise said, "Extraordinary - genius film-making. Just saw at the Idaho film festival and am in love". She's very nice.

Fantastisk Film Festival
Lund, Sweden - September 21-30, 2006

No word back on this one yet. If you were there, let us know how it went.

Rome International Film Festival
Rome, Georgia, September 7-10, 2006

FINALIST: Best Narrative Feature

We're waiting for details about this one from anyone who may have been able to attend.

Dragon*Con Film Festival
Atlanta, GA - September 1-4, 2006

WINNER: Peer Choice Award: Honorable Mention

Call of Cthulhu was the first runner up in the Horror category, and received an honorable mention in the Peer Choice category (votes cast only by attending filmmakers).

17th Festival of Fantastic Films
Manchester, England - Sept. 1-3, 2006

WINNER: Delta Award - Special Jury Commendation

Gigi from Manchester tells us, "I saw the film at the Manchester Festival Of Fantastic films at the beginning of September, it was my favourite film of the festival."

GenCon Film Festival
Indiannapolis, IN - August 10-13, 2006

WINNER: Audience Choice Award - Best Feature Film

Rumors of mysterious late-night screenings abound. Dealers sold out of DVDs. We won a prize. It's all good.

Lisa says, "I already saw the movie at GENCON in July. Loved it. My seventeen year old loved it as well and wanted to show it to his friends at his Halloween party."

Rhode Island International Film Festival
Providence RI, Aug. 8-13, 2006

WINNER: Best Short Horror Film

Sean and Andrew attended the RIFF and had the chance to see The Call of Cthulhu in the Columbus theatre where Lovecraft himself used to go to the movies. Providence remains a terrific little town, brimming with hospitality and the marvelous architecture that inspired HPL. And hey, we won a prize too. What's not to like?

Montréal, Canada - July 6-24, 2006

Sean Branney was in Montréal for this festival which featured a wealth of strange cinema from Asia. The Canadian premiere screening was sold out and the Quebecois audience responded enthusiastically to the film.

The Montréal Mirror said, "Lovecraft's famous tale is brought to vivid life in this beautiful production." NWSource described it as "a quirky gem... a match made in heaven".

Village International D-Cinema Festival®
Lisbon, Portugal - June 21-25, 2006

Sean winged his way to Lisbon to catch the tail-end of this great new festival. Celebrating digital filmmaking, the festival showed great new films shot digitally in Portugal, Europe and the USA. The show's awards ceremony was a big event, broadcast live on Portuguese television.

Avignon Film Festival
Avignon, France - June 20-26, 2006

WINNER: Les Prix Tournage (Grand Prize - Best American Feature)

Sean and Andrew attended this marvelous festival in the lovely little medieval town of Avignon. A great lineup of movies, wonderful hospitality, fine wines, excellent dining, a gaggle of talented filmmakers, and an outstanding staff made Avignon the non-pareil of film festivals (and we're not just saying that because we won the very nice Roger trophy there). We extend our thanks to the AFF jury and to Jerry Rudes!

Lisa Nisselson of Variety writes:
Tour de force tribute to the glories of scary movies before the advent of synchronized sound has been burning up the festival trail

Atlanta Film Festival
Atlanta, Georgia - June 9-17, 2006

There's only so much of us to go around, and we regret we couldn't swing a trip to Atlanta. However, Georgia local Damien e-mailed us the following:

Loved the movie... just caught it at the Atlanta Film Festival and submitted my rave review to Aint It Cool News! Kudos from a hard-line Lovecraft fanatic; your flick made this textual purist so happy.

Another Hole in the Head
San Francisco, CA - June 8 - 15, 2006

WINNER: Audience Choice Award

Andrew Leman visited San Francisco to partake in this fun festival of alternative films. He reported a good crowd in a nice old venue, followed by a brief Q&A session.

Filmgoer Richard e-mailed us to say:
I saw Call of Cthulhu in San Francisco yesterday. As I said there, I'll say again: it's a masterpiece of creative genius, and the greatest Cthulhu genre film ever. Awesome job, for everyone involved. I am looking forward to your next film.

Movie fan Daniel e-mailed us:
I just caught your adaptation at Another Hole in the Head... I was the one showing the genuine old films ... your fake old film blew my fucking mind! Congrats!

Seattle International Film Festival
Seattle, Washington - May 25 - June 17, 2006

Our first screening was nearly sold-out and was followed by a lively Q&A session with director Andrew Leman there fielding questions. The local alternative paper, The Stranger, called the movie a "must see" for the festival (out of some 400 films) and called it, "... a gorgeous, haunting, pitch perfect mini-epic". The second screening was standing room only. We were matched with two very well-chosen short subjects: Terra Incognita and Radium Follies.

A filmgoer named Meri wrote to us:
I Saw the film yesterday at the Seattle International Film Festival. If words could express how much I appreciated it, perhaps only HPL would know them. Thanks, Meri.

Ilona said, "It was the most beautiful horror film I ever saw".

Andrew had a truly excellent time at SIFF, which is very well run and draws terrific audiences. Our thanks go out to Dan Doody for his very kind introductions and very helpful attitude. Thanks also to Tae Rhee for his help in the publicity office and to Will Prescott for hooking us up with a high school class interested in silent film.

World Horror Con
San Francisco, California - May 11-14, 2006

WINNER: Best Achievement in Ghosts, Apparitions and things from Hell or Another Dimension (and no, we did not make this up, that's really the award we won)

We weren't able to attend this one in person, but we were deeply honored to have The Call of Cthulhu recognized by the World Horror Con. In fact, the WHC's Toastmaster, author Peter Straub saw the movie at the Con, ordered his own copy, and wrote to us: "I love the movie. Very beautiful, very evocative." That was nice of him.

Gwyn saw the movie there and said: I saw the movie at WHC 2006 in San Francisco and have not been able to get it out of my head since.

Maryland Film Festival
Baltimore, Maryland - May 11-14, 2006, non-competitive

A fan in Baltimore sent us the following report on the screening of CoC:

The Maryland Film Festival is centered in the Charles Theater, and hence in the college/university part of Baltimore.  I think that is why the theater not only filled, but overfilled - the aisleway was all but filled with squatters when the film started.  
The ovation at the end was loud, long, and sincere.

Andrew Leman attended in person and reported good crowds, nice people, some great comedic shorts, and an (over?)abundance of crab.

Mary e-mailed us to say, "I saw your movie at the Maryland Film Festival. We really, really, really enjoyed it". She's so nice (and we don't even know her).

Weekend of Fear Film Fest 2006
Erlangen, Germany - April 28-30, 2006

Our spies in Germany report: "Everthing went perfect….the cinema was packed (thank god) and the people enjoyed it a lot."

Århus Festival of Independent Arts
Denmark - April 20-24, 2006

WINNER: Jameson Audience Choice Award

Sean Branney had the good fortune to attend in person and enjoy the hospitality of his very friendly Danish hosts. The movie screened twice in Århus in some cool old movie theatres. After one screening a Danish fan refused to believe that it was not a real film from the 1920s. It was also screened for a small group in Viborg, Denmark. We thank our Danish friends for their support of CoC and are honored to have won the Audience Choice Award. We also thank AFIA sponsor Jameson for their generous prize money.

Night Visions Film Festival
Helsinki, Finland - April 1-2, 2006

We were not able to attend this small festival. Lovecraft is very popular in Finland.

Titanic Budapest Film Festival
Budapest, Hungary - March 30- Apr. 9, 2006

Our agents in Budapest reported "The most successful film was The Call of Cthulhu, because when it was screened, a lot of people couldn’t enter the room." An encore screening was added to allow more audience members to see the film.

Boston Underground Film Festival
Boston, Mass - March 22-26, 2006

Bryan Mackay said: I managed to catch a bit of this at the Boston Underground Film Festival this year. It really is a terrific piece - I'm glad to see it getting some publicity!

Slamdance Film Festival 2006
Park City, Utah - January 19-27, 2006

Slamdance was a great experience. While we didn't come away with a big prize, the experience was a fun education. Park City during Sundance is a weird place. We rented a condo for some of our cast and crew and we came and saw a lot of movies and made some great new friends. The Slamdance crew was terrific. Our first screening was nearly full and the second sold out. We made lots of new friends and had a grand time participating.

Contrary to some rumors that you may read on the net, Paris Hilton did not get drunk and throw up on Matt Foyer's shoes. And no, Matt Foyer did not throw up on Paris' shoes either. Well, it wasn't her shoes... Anyway, the HPLHS paid the dry cleaning bill and all was well.

Sangre Rojo VI
Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 27- Nov. 2, 2005

Our favorite operative and HP Lovecraft fan in Buenos Aires, Carmilla, sent us the following report regarding the screening there:

Last night we've seen your film!!!! It's amazing!!!! People are going mad about it around here!!!! When it finished the people cheered very pleased with the film!

HP Lovecraft Film Festival 2005
Portland, Oregon - Oct. 7-9 2005

WINNER: Brown Jenkin Audience Award: Best Film
WINNER: Brown Jenkin Jury Award: Best Short

As festival regulars, Sean and Andrew had the great fun of attending the world premiere of The Call of Cthulhu at the HPLFF. As always, Andrew Migliore put on a great festival with a host of fine Lovecraftian films (and Linda's excellent French Toast). We heartily recommend that all fans of Lovecraftian cinema make the pilgrimage to the HPLFF at least once.

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