Over 300 people have played Cthulhu Lives with the HPLHS over the years. We wish we could profile them all, but that's not possible. We'll provide bios here for people whose high level of involvement has earned them a special place in the Cthulhu Lives Hall of Fame, adding and updating as quickly as possible.

If you know the whereabouts or email address of someone who should be profiled in this section, or if you know that information given in these pages is incorrect, please notify the Keepers.

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Sean Branney
Darrell Tutchton
Andrew Leman
Philip Bell
Judy Ruha
Jamie Anderson
Liz Stanton Jenny Weins Joe Bacon
Leslie Baldwin Joe Foust Nick Offerman
Vince Gatton Richard Ragsdale Peggy Cope
Paul Nyhus Kevin O'Brien Matt Sieger
Dan Harper Katia Anderson Chris Lackey
Lindley Curry Traynor Jenn Anderson