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Here's a list of Film Festivals where Whisperer is scheduled to screen. Click here to see where it's been.


Twain Harte Film Festival, Twain Harte, California USA

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, San Pedro, California USA

Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Grimm Up North, Manchester, United Kingdom

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington, USA

Warsaw International Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland

Buffalo Film Festival, Buffalo, New York, USA

Sheffield International Film Festival, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Ramaskirk Opppdal Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway

Night Visions Film Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Razor Reel Festival of Fantastic Film, Bruges, Belgium


Napa Valley Film Festival, California USA

Oaxaca International Film Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico

Film Festival History

Fresh Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

We got a great newspaper clipping from a Czech fan with a nice picture of Matt Foyer, but as none of reads Czech, we really don't know what it said. Hopefully it said really nice things.

Renovation Film Festival, WorldCon, Reno, Nevada, USA

Winner-Best Horror Film
Nat Saenz and his team recently notified us that we bagged the top horror film prize. We were sorry we could not swing a trip to Worldcon to participate in the fun.

Grossman Film Festival, Ljutomer, Slovenia

We got a nice note from Slovenia saying the crowd was small and the film was well received. We'll settle for that - it was our first time in Slovenia.

Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We were sad to have missed this one as we hear a crowd of 700+ gave the film a standing ovation. We also garnered some great press from several sources in Montreal. Fantasia is a great festival - we went back in 06 with The Call of Cthulhu and they do a great job stoking the fires of genre filmmaking.

PIFAN Film Festival, Puchon, South Korea

We got a nice note from the festival organizers that the film was well received. Don't know much beyond that.

RioFan Film Festival, Rio Dijaniero, Brazil

We heard the Rio screenings went well and were sorry we could not join them for the festival.

Fantaspoa Film Festival, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The response was enthusiastic from southern Brazil. One fan wrote to us after the screening to let us know how much he enjoyed it.

South Side Film Festival, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

We weren't able to make this one and didn't hear too much about what happened there, but we hope that people enjoyed the film.

Berkshire International Film Festival, Pittsfield, Mass. USA

We weren't able to make the Berkshire fest, but some of our background players who lived in the region made it over and the reports were good. Thank to Kelley and her team.

Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, Washington USA

Sean, Andrew, Dave and Glenn went up for this one where we kicked off with a nearly full screening of a 400+ seat venue at midnight. The whole SIFF team really went out of their way with hospitality and we wrapped up our visit with another 500-ish crowd at the Neptune Theatre. Thank you Seattle!

Imagine Festival of Fantastic Film, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The programmers at Imagine put together a great lineup of movies and had the good sense to screen them in a venue with three screens and a full bar (why, why don't American cinemas serve beer? Sean asks). Saw some terrific films and had a grand time in the Netherlands.

CPH PIX Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

The lovely Danes went all out to show us a great time. We enjoyed two sold-out screenings and they had to schedule a third one in order to accommodate the many people who wanted to see the movie. Particularly noteworthy was the Q&A after the second screening which went for nearly an hour after the film. Thanks to Riina and the rest of the CPH PIX team.

Belfast International Film Festival, Belfast Northern Ireland

We screened at Belfast's Waterfront Hall and enjoyed great hospitality from Andy Thomas and his team. In addition Whisperer, Die Farbe screened in Belfast and we had the chance to meet Huan Vu, its director and his producing partner Jan.

SFF-Rated Film Festival, Athens Greece

Winner-Audience Award for Best Director
Whisperer had it's world premiere in Athens, sponsored by the lovely people at the Science Fiction Club of Athens. We had a couple of sold-out screenings and the film won the Audience Award for Best Director. We send our thanks to Alecos and the entire team there for their lovely hospitality.

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