...in strange eons even Death may die. —Al Azif
Taking Al Hazred's famous line somewhat literally, the editors of Strange Eons chronicled the ongoing near-death experiences of Death itself in a small box on the cover of each issue. Here is the complete list....
Feb 1987
...in strange eons even Death may die.
March 1987
Death on the critical list!
April 1987
Death looking quite peaked!
May 1987
Happy Belated Beltane
June 1987
Death not quite dead.
July 1987
Death seeks a second opinion.
Aug 1987
Death on the mend.
Sept 1987
Death eats solid food!
Oct 1987
Death goes trick or treating.
Nov 1987
Death knocks on his own door.
Dec 1987
Death warmed over.
Jan 1988
Death dies!
Feb 1988
Death makes startling recovery!
March 1988
Death wakes up! R'lyeh rises this month!
April 1988
Death sits on his own doorstep.
May 1988
Death takes the day off.
June 1988
Death leaps defyingly!
July 1988
Death comes late!
Aug 1988
Death flips the switch!
Sep 1988
Death still not proud.
Oct 1988
Polls show Death trailing Bush!
(this was the first George Bush, mind you)
Nov 1988
Death by a landslide!
Dec 1988
Death on board.
Jan 1989
Death puckers up!