Strange Eons strange eons even death may die. —Al Hazred
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Way back in the early days, for just over two years, the HPLHS published a monthly journal entitled Strange Eons.

Edited by Philip Bell and Andrew Leman, the first issue was published within a week of the official founding of the HPLHS in 1987. While chronicling Cthulhu Lives action, Strange Eons was also meant to provide Society members with a forum for horror fiction, artwork, and Lovecraftian scholarship, as well as a place to pursue related interests, such as 1920s history, hermeticism, and lunacy in general. Strange Eons developed rapidly, and it became a substantial focus of HPLHS efforts during its lifespan. Before the first year was out, the journal was being read by Lovecraft enthusiasts all across America and in the United Kingdom.

The success of Strange Eons spawned other HPLHS Press publications, perhaps most notably the Solstice Carol Songbook. Lyrics from that book show up on other internet sites from time to time. Look for the complete volume online here in the future.

Society members contributed articles and artwork to SE, and some highlights from that material are put online as time permits. Check back for updates.

The cover of the first issue of Strange Eons