by Sean Branney
played in December, 1984, in the basement of Sean’s house, Denver, Colorado

Professor Ward shows up to find a dead scientist and boons on the loose.

Game Notes
This whole game was, in fact, nothing more than Sean’s very elaborate way of giving Darrell his Christmas present, which was a new cap gun for playing Cthulhu with. There was no real plot: Professor Ward showed up, talked to the lab assistants, saw the boons, pried the gun out of the dead man’s fingers, and left. That was pretty much it.

Mythos Connections
Boons were a creation of Keith Herber, and they appear in the Call of Cthulhu game "The Fungi from Yuggoth." They were small, bizarre, amoeba-like creatures created by scientists at New World Incorporated and beamed into a hotel room to attack the investigators. Company literature had proudly proclaimed that NWI produced "boons for mankind," and after the attack occurred one of the investigators quipped, "We’ve just been attacked by a boon to mankind." The name stuck.

Although boons appear in no other game, they appeared often in the personal lives of Cthulhu players for years.