by Sean Branney and Darrell Tutchton
played July 10, 1985 in Denver

Investigators encounter a byakhee which has been eating exotic dancers.

Game Notes
Sean and Darrell elected to use a real-live topless dance bar as the location for this game, an establishment that KQ declined to enter. So Andrew, as the incredibly uptight and mirthless Gunnar Bachlund, wearing a long black coat and suit and tie, had to go in alone to find Candy Apple.—AHL

This game demonstrates that with a rubber mask, a pickup truck and a silly location, one can put on a Cthulhu Lives game. That does not necessarily mean one should. Darrell and I set out on this endeavor with the sole notion that a strip club would be a funny location to use for a game. And it was funny, to us; but, as Mr. Leman's note above suggests, some of the humor was lost on the players.

By using a public location in a not-altogether intelligent manner, we set ourselves as Keepers up for a brush with the law. Although the game ended before the police actually arrive on the scene, it could easily have been Cthulhu Lives' first encounter with real police. My tip: if a scenario requires serious weirdness, it really needs to be conducted in a private or very isolated location.—SB