Vince Gatton
Vince played in five games of Cthulhu Lives, and he always made a strong impression. As an Investigator, his character Hugo Doss was so abrasive that some of the other Investigators plotted to have him killed, or asked the Keeper if they could themselves be killed in order to avoid working with him. In "The Sentence," the Keepers staged a gruesome death scene for him and got everybody off the hook.

Vince never liked not knowing what was going to happen next, and always enjoyed being an NPC more than being an Investigator. As an NPC, he played the undead son of Luther Brisbane in The Ninth Talisman, Peter Surratt and the aged John Wilkes Booth in Dirt, and was amazing as the malevolent psychiatrist Jacob McCandless in Mose Ain't Dead.

After starring in the lengthy national tour of the hit comedy "Party," Vince is now an actor in New York City.

Vince can be quite pleasant when he knows what's going on.