Liz Stanton
Liz Stanton played as an NPC in the very first game of Cthulhu Lives, and thereby began a career as a wonderful damsel-in-distress. Liz's unfortunate characters have been tied to trees, handcuffed, shoved into crawl spaces, and strangled, among many other indignities.

Liz played in seven games, four times as Investigator Melanie Forrester. Melanie had the longest known life span of any Cthulhu character, appearing as a young woman in games set in the 1920s and as a 96-year-old mental patient in a game set in 1998. Her death was among the most spectacular in Cthulhu Lives history.

Liz now lives and works in New York City, where she is a producer, director and actor in the off-Broadway theatre scene. An accomplished electronic and acoustic musician, she has toured the world with an ensemble that plays bowed piano.

Liz Stanton is very happy when she's not being tortured, killed, or driven mad.