Lindley Curry Traynor
Lindley Curry played Cthulhu Lives! while at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She played Investigators Alice Jamison in The Ninth Talisman and Ellie O'Hanlon in The Sentence. She contributed great intelligence and emotional commitment to the games in which she played, and the action was always better when she was around. Unfortunately, demands on her time and talents prevented her from playing in more Illinois games.

Lindley is a prodigiously gifted actor living and working in Chicago, where she was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson award for her portrayal of 'Glenna' in Bobby Gould in Hell . You have also probably heard her sultry voice in television and radio commercials. She is married to the very charming Paul Traynor, and is now the mother of two beautiful children, Alasdair and Lucy.

The beautiful Lindley in her glamour headshot pose.