Jamie Anderson
Jamie began his Cthulhu Lives career in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where he met Andrew Leman attending the University of Illinois. Jamie’s first experience was as Investigator Jackson Basil Carleton in The Ninth Talisman. Jamie was immediately hooked on Cthulhu Lives and began to co-produce elaborate games with Andrew, creating epic adventures such as The Mistress of Nyarlahotep and The Sentence.

Jamie and Andrew also began using many of the present Cthulhu Lives standards, such as kokens for safety and special effects, consumer grade fireworks as simple pyrotechnics, and a firm belief that the “luck of the keepers” will prevail.

Jamie continued to produce Cthulhu Lives after leaving Champaign-Urbana, such as Dirt with Andrew Leman, and with other collaborators, such as We Thought It Would Be Fungi with his wife, Katia, and their friends, Rob Cimmerusti and Sue Marker.

Jamie remains involved in game play and development and hopes to be more actively involved in new Cthulhu Lives productions in the near future.

Jamie in "We Thought it Would be Fungi"