Judy Ruha
Judy Ruha is a veteran of 21 games of Cthulhu Lives, four of them as the Keeper or co-Keeper, more than any other woman alive. As an investigator, she has played a very interesting variety of characters, most of whom died tragically or went stark raving mad. Perhaps her most notable PC has been Allison Morgan, the anthropologist who trekked across the Sahara in Egypt, and who later married fellow investigator Al Neville (played by Phil Bell) in Halloween III: Blood Wedding.

Judy was a valued contributor to Strange Eons in its heyday, writing articles about various aspects of American life in the 1920s, including fashions, slang, medical technology, and women's suffrage. She also appeared as the court reporter in the 1988 HPLHS film The Testimony of Randolph Carter.

Judy Ruha on the set of Testimony of Randolph Carter.